About Startups

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I just read 17 Pithy Insights For Start-up Founders. Very valuable insights. I just want to add mine. When work does not seem like work, when you do something that helps someone, when you are creating something you like, you know you are in a start-up. I am on my fourth one now. I made […]

JSON – XML with Anorexia?

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Thanks to Jeff for pointing this out. Here is a 3 minute tutorial on JSON. They are both ‘self-describing’ meaning that values are named, and thus ‘human readable’ Both are hierarchical. (i.e. You can have values within values.) Both can be parsed and used by lots of programming languages Both can be passed around using […]

CQ + PQ > IQ

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Thomas Friedman on Tim Russert’s Today Show: CQ + PQ > IQ CQ – Curiosity Quotient PQ – Passion Quotient IQ – Intelligence Quotient I got a bunch of hits on an old blog entry of mine called Curiosity Quotient and was wondering why. Tom also said that: Green is the New Red, White and […]

Work and Satisfaction

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Your satisfaction must come from the high you get when you suddenly, for the first time understand the problem you are working on and see your way to a solution. I use the word “high” advisedly. You need to be something like an addict for this feeling to provide sufficient recompense for all that work. […]

Conceptual Difficulties

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Leaving conceptual difficulties unresolved s a bit like using new credit cards to pay off the debts on the old ones. You can keep going like that for sometime, but eventually the bills come due. From Ian Stewart in “Letters to a Young Mathematician“

Interconnectivity of Knowledge

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I got interested in how people learn when I first read “Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century” about 5 years ago. This lead me to other books. One of the books I read was “Mindstorms” by Seymour Papert. That is where I encountered the term Mathetics, for the first time. For some strange reason, a […]