On Being An Enterpreneur

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This post on Random Thoughts On Being An Enterpreneur got me thinking about my experiences of being an entrepreneur for over 25 years. First of all let me pick my favorite points from the post. Products are idea amplifiers. The molecules and/or bytes are secondary. In terms of becoming an entrepreneur, probably the most useful […]

Google Apps Premier

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I saw the Google Press announcement this morning and immediately signed up. I have been using the spreadsheet in a collaborative mode for a while and did not hesitate too much to spend the $50 per year. It was a small investment for trying out a service. I have been using Google tools for such […]

Using Microsoft Word to Blog

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This morning, I saw Jon’s blog entry on Blogging Using Word 2007, and my jaw dropped. I do not believe in coincidences. But this is uncanny. I was jotting down some points on my flight from San Jose to Hartford, CT, yesterday. Since I was not online, and I wanted to blog, I thought I […]

Tech Links – Feb 16, 2007

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Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures This is a dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypal problems, and related definitions. Algorithms include common functions, such as Ackermann’s function. Problems include traveling salesman and Byzantine generals. Some entries have links to implementations and more information. Index pages list entries by area and by type. The […]

XML Is The Fabric Of Web 2.0 Applications

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From by Chris Gruber, Technical Manager for Developer Initiatives, works with IBM Information Management: While some may not know, XML is the fabric of Web 2.0 applications Chris is giving a talk in AjaxWorld 2007 titled Streamlining Your Web 2.0 Solutions with XML. I agree. Everything about Web 2.0 application is XML: The client side […]

Krugle at Yahoo

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I was browsing through Yahoo Developer Network yesterday. I have not done this in a while. What led me to YDN? I was chatting with someone using Yahoo instant messenger (YIM) and noticed something called plug-in’s in the tool bar I do not recall seeing that before (might not have noticed it) and went to […]

Programming Language Trends

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Here are programming language trends from very different sources. 1. According to TIOBE Programming Community Index, here are the top 10 programming languages. Position Sep 2009 Position Sep 2008 Delta in Position Programming Language Ratings Sep 2009 Delta Sep 2008 Status 1 1 Java 19.383% -1.33% A 2 2 C 16.861% +1.48% A 3 5 […]

Why IQ Matters?

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I came across this link in del.icio.us. It may be interesting to see such stats in different regions in the world. I am not sure where the base data comes from and wonder what we can do to move people from the left to the right.