InfoMinder Alerts – 20th Oct 2008

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Some interesting links I got through my InfoMinder Alerts today. I will just add a teaser for each entry. Some of these are blogs. Others are announcements or wiki links. The Future of Enterprise Software We are at the beginning of a massive shift from client-server to web-based software in the enterprise.  This move will […]

Technology Trends – A List

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Here is a small sample of trends in software.  This is work in progress. I will keep updating it frequently. Instead of waiting till I have my full list, I thought I may just publish this crude list and get some feed back. Some trends are current (like Web 2.0) some of them are future […]

LinkLog: Semantic Web

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Semantic Web from A Chat with Dave Beckett Semantic Web…it’s about connecting things together, about getting the jobs done If every one uses the semantic web data formats, they all connect together. I think data centric approach is better than API centric approach, because the data will live longer than APIs. The Semantic Web in […]

LinkLog: Enhancing the semantics of your web pages

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A simple, easy to understand introductory video on RDF, triples, how to embed RDF in XHTML (known as RDFa) A triple consists of subjects, predicates, objects subjects and objects typically represent resources (people, places, events) predicates represent relationships A vocabulary provides a set of common (shared) understanding of relationships You can embed RDF triples in […]

Knowledge Maps

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I was browsing through facebook today (a facebook user visited my blog and I clicked on the incoming link to take a look). I found moneylet, a social bookmarking site for financial news. There was an item on Forbes report on the wealthiest men. More interesting, there was a of Knowledge Map of Warrren Buffet. […]

Links: RDF, Semantic Web Tools

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RDF 123 – A mechanism to transform spreadsheets to RDF graphs: RDF123 is an application and web service for converting data in simple spreadsheets to an RDF graph. Users control how the spreadsheet’s data is converted to RDF by constructing a graphical RDF123 template that specifies how each row in the spreadsheet is converted as […]