The Fundamental Paradigms of Programming are Going to be Challenged

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Tim O’Reilley in Concurrent Programming: Erlang, Haskell… and XSLT the fundamental paradigms of programming are going to be challenged as systems and processors scale up. Erlang and Haskell have been mentioned as some possible candidates. Erlang is designed from the ground up to help programmers create highly concurrently (read thousands or processes), highly reliable (read […]

OpenAJAX Gets Stronger

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Since first formed, OpenAJAX seems to have gained a lot of support (70+ members). One of the most visible recent events, is Microsoft and Google joining the OpenAJAX alliance in addition to a host of other members. The Alliance, an industry collaboration whose purpose is to develop and expand the use of Ajax, said it […]

Do What I Mean Engine

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Here is an event, I would not like to miss. The description is appetizing enough. From the ACM Talk email alert: The “Scribblenet” is a gentle romp through the design and philosophy of walking the line between making it easy enough for people to bother putting data in to a system and still useful enough […]

Everyone Has a Program In Them

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I came across Alice a couple of weeks back. I saw a reference again today. And these words really caught my attention. I’m huge on efforts like Alice and other projects to bring novices and newbies into the ranks of programming. Just as I think everybody has a book in them, I believe everybody has […]

Getting New Ideas

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I got this data from an  Idea Receptiveness Survey. The most popular choice is to look outside for new ideas (43%) when facing a difficult problem. Only 12% stated that they would continue to try to come up with ideas themselves. The ‘other’ answers included the following with the first two mentioned several times: · […]

Recognizing Cool Vendors

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It is nice to see Gartner recognizing innovation and creating a category called cool vendors. Never heard of this before. Gartner defines a cool vendor as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are: Innovative, enable users to do things they couldn’t do before; Impactful, have, or will have, business impact (not just technology […]