LinkLog: The Architecture of Serendipity

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One of the best chapters I have read in Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson,  is  “Serendipity”. Here are a few snippets: The English language is blessed with a wonderful word that captures the power of accidental connection: “serendipity” Serendipitous discoveries often involve exchanges across traditional disciplines. The history of innovation is replete […]

Information and Ideas

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Is this really true? In the past, we collected information not simply to know things. That was only the beginning. We also collected information to convert it into something larger than facts and ultimately more useful — into ideas that made sense of the information. We sought not just to apprehend the world but to […]

Python Infostream Aug 22

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redmodel 0.3.0 Python Library for Data Models Persisted in Redis ws4py 0.1.1 WebSocket library for Python digraphtools 0.2.0 Some tools for working with digraphs, partial orders and topological sorting with Python reddit 1.0 A Python wrapper for the Reddit API Teach the hashbang header new tricks using a dual mode shell/python script (Python)Teach the hashbang […]

Python Infostream Aug 19, 2011

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Python django-inplaceedit 0.69 django-inplaceedit 0.69 Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database django-staticfiles 1.1 django-staticfiles 1.1 A Django app that provides helpers for serving static files. django-salmonella 0.4.2 django-salmonella 0.4.2 raw_id_fields widget replacement that handles display of an object’s string value on change and can be overridden via […]

Mobile Devices InfoStream

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Links from Infostreams Alert for mobile devices App Inventor Continues Life at MIT Iconia Tab A100 Review Analysis of Google’s Motorola Acquisition Apple planning $1bn Sharp display investment tips analyst Motorola 19s GSII-rivaling DROID HD leaks $80 Android Phone Sells Like Hotcakes In Kenya Occasional Gamer Dev app stats out two unknown Windows Phone devices […]

Python/Django Links from InfoStreams

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From Infostreams alerts for  Python django-facebook 3.0.5 django-facebook 3.0.5 neo4jrestclient 1.4.4 neo4jrestclient 1.4.4 Object-oriented Python library to interact with Neo4j standalone REST server django-urlauth 0.1.8 django-urlauth 0.1.8 Django application for user authentication with key in hypertext link django-actualities 0.1.0 django-actualities 0.1.0 A django blog app uwsgi-manager 0.1.0 uwsgi-manager 0.1.0 Python tool for controling the uWSGI […]

Don’t Read This Book…

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Will this be a trend as books become digital?From a review of a book that got a Jolt Award. Don’t read this book when you have no Internet connection. This book reads better in electronic form than the printed page, and makes liberal use of hyperlinks to reference information. In the preface, Russell says that […]

Interest Stream

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One of our conversation topics yesterday at in50 hours was how to extract the useful conversations from Twitter. One way to do that is to find the intersection between tweets from the people you follow and the topics you are interested in. This is easier said than done. How do you identify tweets with topics […]