Project Based Learning

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When we thought of LearningPoint, our focus was to provide Project Based Learning. Here is what Wikipedia has to say on Project Based Learning. Project-based learning, or PBL (often “PjBL” to avoid confusion with “Problem-based Learning”), is a constructivist pedagogy that intends to bring about deep learning by allowing learners to use an inquiry based […]

Vigorous Writing is Concise

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Vigorous Writing is Concise I borrowed this phrase from Jon Bentley, who in turn was quoting William Strunk Jr.’s observation in Elements of Style. Jon says that this is true in both English and Programming. In this chapter titled The Most Beautiful Code I never wrote, from the book Beautiful Code, Jon shows how you […]

A Lesson

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I mentioned a lecture on Emerging Technologies in MIT Courseware earlier. Here is a slide titled “Final Lesson”, part of the summation. This calls for a new kind of training. Teaching people the ability to adopt and use new technologies to do what they do better. Also teach them to understand how the technology will […]