Microformat Search and Pingerati

I am not sure how I missed this. Here is an announcement on Technorati of a new search/ping service for Microformats.

I'm very pleased to announce the technology preview of Technorati microformats search for contacts, events and reviews, and Pingerati, a microformats ping distributor to support and grow the microformats ecosystem. Microformats are the key building block, the lingua franca, that make structured information open and sharable on the Web.

In case you are curious about the significance of Microformats, here is an excellent tutorial presentation. I located this, thans to this blog from Duncan Cragg.

Duncan has a lot of good stuff on how Microformats may challenge Web Feeds (popularly known as RSS). I am curious to find out more. I thought of RSS as a delivery mechanism for microformat content. But Duncan has a point. Like Search engines discover and index your pages, services such as microformat search can discover structured content and provide access. Why not use Web Feeds to distribute microformat content? RSS is extensible, anyway.