Wiki Happenings

The last ten days have seen some increased visibility of wikis.

  1. Saw the introduction to MSDN wiki. I blogged about it here.
  2. The very next day, I saw eBay's wiki announcement (based on JotSpot). This blog talks about it being the largest commercial wiki.
  3. Got an invitation for beta from WetPaint. Checking it out right now. Looks pretty good. Michael Arrington thinks it is the best wiki so far.
  4. Saw a mention of keynote by Eugene and Doug at Wikisym about Augmented Wiki. Some of these ideas may result in radical improvement of wikis.
  5. Read in another blog about Wiki Sharepoint Services (in the new Microsoft Office beta).
  6. A Semantic MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the engine that powers Wikipedia. This should be an exciting project.

I might have missed many other cool Wiki Happenings. Now I need to dive in deep and immerse myself and make sense of some of the directions.