Flock is Cool

I am trying a test post from Flock. So far the experience of using it is pretty good. I had no trouble importing my settings from Firefox and IE and getting started. I judge a product by the first 15 minutes of experience. This was one was smooth as silk.
The first para was written with Flock. I am editing this now in WordPress. I did not know what to expect when I typed this entry in Flock. When I clicked "Publish", it came up with a list of categories for me to choose. That is pretty cool. I can definitely see using this interface once in a while for blogging.

You can download it from here. You can go to this blog to get more information. Here is coverage from Michael Arrington at Techcrunch.

The Flock blog is worth reading. It tells you how tech companies work. I have taken the liberty to borrow a few lines from Anthony's post on Cardinal – Flock 0.7 release.

If there is one thing that I have learned to love about people who work in technology, it is that stupid imperative to make stuff, even if it drives them into the floor. So cool.

We are still burning midnight oil, still drinking caffeinated Blues, still waking up next to laptops. Really, for the last few months, we have been pouring our hearts into this release. We hope that some of the effort shows.

It certainly does. I plan to spend some time this weekend exploring the "social browsing" aspects and reading reactions in the community.

Blogged with Flock and edited in WordPress.