MicroLearning, MicroKnowledge

Found this link from Danny's post about MicroLearning Conference. I was curious about the concept so went to Microlearning.org and found this wiki.


…is a term used in the e-learning context for a learner’s short interaction with a learning matter broken down to very small bits of content. At present this term is not clearly defined. Learning processes that have been called “microlearning” can cover a span from some seconds (e.g. in mobile learning) to 15 minutes (learning objects sent as e-mails).

Exploring this wiki led me to the concept of Microknowledge.

Microknowledge is not identical with a set of Microcontent chunks. Just like Knowledge is by definition (see there) having the form of more complex structures, Microknowledge cannot not be seen as consisting of separate information "atoms" or self-contained micro-messages.

Microinformation only becomes Microknowledge when bringing with it the momentary experience of immersion in a wider, more structured knowledge space. This micro-knowledge space is again mirroring the structure of the Web itself (small pieces loosely joined). In fact, the Web itself is experienced as a micro-knowledge space.

I think this is a useful concept of providing small bytes of useful information. Especially in task-oriented and informal learning contexts. I need to spend more time on this wiki, following links and well – microlearning.

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  1. Moe,
    Thanks. I will do. In fact, I was planning to spend some time looking up the previous conference papers. I am one of the founding members of http://www.opencourse.org. There may be a lot of synergy with this effort.


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