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Heard about this from Oleg Tkachenko's Blog


There is a page navigation bar on the left, content in the middle and community stats on the right. You can check it out here. Here is the FAQ page.

To add content, you navigate to the page you want (using the page navigation bar) on the left and click on Add content. I tried adding content. Works fine with IE.

Since Firefox was not supported in the current version, I got an error. The FAQ page, says that support for Firefox is planned.

There are some nice touches mostly UI related.

  • A left navigation panel to move around the site
  • Community stats on the right
  • A list of Top Contributors
  • A list of most recent comments
  • An easy way to launch a new window to browse through history of the page (instead o scrolling comments in the same page)

I think with this wiki, Microsoft will expand the usage of wikis. I plan to explore it further over the next few days.



Here are comments from others

9 hours ago by John Musser
DevLiveMicrosoft’s developer resource center for the quickly evolving Live
Platform is now up at Not a lot there yet but it bodes well for a
more integrated approach on their part to developer support on the new platform.
programmableweb –

Power to the Pros

10 hours ago by Chandana N. Athauda If you can't be there, be HERE…!And don’t forget to
get experience on MSDN Wiki Beta…!
|| yeschandana || –

Axim X51v PDA (Dell)

21 hours ago by Computer Tech
Computer Hardware & Technology. Lowest Price: $319.99. (InfoWorld) – Microsoft
has re-branded its WinFX technologies as .Net Framework 3.0 to clarify the naming
convention for its developer framework, company representatives said on –

MSDN Wiki – Great Idea

11 Jun 2006 by (Larry O'Brien)
MSDN has created a Wiki. This is a great idea. Just look at P/Invoke.NET to get
a sense of how helpful a Wiki can be for user documentation. via Steve Pietrek.
Knowing.NET –


11 Jun 2006 by Professor X
Microsoft went live this week with MSDN Wiki , a new site inviting developers to
contribute their own tips and code examples to run alongside Microsoft's official
Visual Studio and .Net Framework documentation.


11 Jun 2006 by Kris van der Mast
Just found out Microsoft started with a Wiki: MSDN Wiki. They'll hope to get
more examples form the community and by thus more information for other people.
Sounds like a good idea but I guess it'll have to grow before it becomes
Kris' blog –

Annotate the MSDN Wiki

11 Jun 2006
For a long time, my favorite place to put up code snippets that I could get back
to later has been (like GetTempFileName). However, that was only good
for managed/native interop, whereas the MSDN Wiki is for anything in the
Marquee de Sells: Chris's insight outlet –

Cisco buyouts may ease voice integration

11 Jun 2006 by Computer Tech
Computer Hardware & Technology. Webb flier draws anger of rival MillerRichmond
Times Dispatch, VA – 15 hours ago. promoting the out-sourcing of jobs while he
was president of the Information Technology Association of America, –


11 Jun 2006 by Alex de Groot
In case you didn’t know it yet, Microsoft has released the MSDNWiki. In this Wiki,
documentation from Microsoft should meet the community and it’s up to Microsoft
to decide if some of the exampels should be inserted in the ‘real’
Lex' software world –

MSDN Wiki10 Jun 2006 by paul
Welcome to the MSDN Wiki Beta! On this site you can add content to VS 2005
documentation topics and edit contributions from other users. Our goal is to
extend the documentation with code examples, tips and tricks, and other information
Paul Mooney –

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