Top Trending Python Projects, Airflow, and Intelligent Agents

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Came across Top 10 Trending Python Projects On GitHub: 2020  and could not resist. Looking at a couple of them for our explorations in Natural Language Processing and using Games for Teaching Software. Apache Airflow Airflow pipelines are configuration as code (Python), allowing for dynamic pipeline generation. You can use it for building ML models, […]

ReadLog: Launching a SaaS Company, CTO Coding and Order Matters in Software

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Here are a few entries from my readlog. 1. In Here’s How I Built and Launched a SaaS Company For Less Than $40k, Ryan Shank tells us how he built a SaaS product company in 6 months. Ryan describes: How he found a designer through Dribble (a community of designers) Created product requirements Designed deliverables Found a senior […]

Python Workshop for Students – An Experience Worth Sharing

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Yesterday I conducted a Python hands on workshop for (mostly) students. Before I started the workshop, I asked them to introduce themselves and share why they were attending the workshop. Here are some answers that warmed my heart. I want to learn something that is not covered in our courses and do something that we […]

Matt Gemmell – All This Stuff Scares the Hell Out of Me

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All of this stuff scares the hell out of me: Software patents, and their use as a financial weapon. The walled garden of the various App Stores, with mysterious and ever-changing rules governing admittance, and the constant threat of capricious rejection. The consequent relative invisibility of non-App Store software. The incredibly crowded market, with imitations […]