“Inspired” by Marty Cagan – How to Create Products Customers Love

This book is almost everything you wanted to know about building products. Not everything. Every essential thing. This book demystifies product discovery, opportunity assessment and how you can build great products. It covers the essence of a great product culture.

I just loved it.  Every product entrepreneur and product team should buy a copy. I think I will read mine several times. Thanks to Sriram (my son) for suggesting it.

Here are snippets from the book (I may have to do this as a series of posts). Let us start with a few.

It does not matter how good your engineering team is if they are not given something worthwhile to build.

It is not enough to do a good job engineering a product. At least as important is discovering a product that is valuable, usable and feasible.

There is a tremendous difference between how the best companies produced products and how most companies produced products.

Examples of opportunity assessments, product principles, product strategies, product roadmaps, product specs, prototypes, personas and prototype testing and tasks.

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  1. This is great; I sent it to our daughter, who is designing an app. She will be making the pitch in September.

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