Products – Three Pictures Worth …

I think these three pictures will tell you a lot. May be enough to start some simple analysis.

1. You decide whether your product is sustaining existing value, evolutionary or revolutionary.

You decide whether your product strategy is sustaining, evolutionary or revolutionary2. The next step is business and technology validation:

3. You decide how you want to grow. This picture is a more detailed version of 1.

Meta (the story):

1. I first saw these four quadrants from a tech talk by Alex Bruton at Google. I must have seen the video about 2 or 3 times.

2. I noticed a reference to Jacoby and Rodriguez in Alex’s slide. So I googled and found this amazing book on Building Design Strategy edited by Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton. I was lucky to find a Kindle edition. I don’t have a Kindle but consume most of those books using my Kindle PC.

I am glad that you can go from watching a video, to getting an image to searching for the topics to reviewing a book  and buying a book and blogging  in less than 10 minutes. Wonders of technology!