Different Micro Realities

the concept of “the umwelt” coined by biologist Jakob von Uexküll in 1909 — the idea that different animals in the same ecosystem pick up on different elements of their environment and thus live in different micro-realities based on the subset of the world they’re able to detect. Eagleman stresses the importance of recognizing our own umwelt — our unawareness of the limits of our awareness:

I can see this in different ecosystems I observe – the entrepreneur ecosystem, the learning ecosystem and the microcosm of our own product teams and businesses.

In the startup ecosystem, different players – startups, investors, mentors and customers have different micro-realities about products, businesses, and markets. While they overlap somewhat, sometimes they are very different.

In the learning ecosystem similar micro-realities exist between institutions, teachers, students and learning experts.
But the best example, I have seen of these different micro-realities is in a product team or a business.

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