WordPress – One of the Coolest Products

I love WordPress. It is not just a cool tool for blogging. From day one, I have noticed their constant effort to improve, makes changes (undo some changes if necessary), listen to feedback and act pretty fast on bug reports. They are constantly adding new features (small incremental improvements) and organically growing the product. I think this is the model of how products need to be built and delivered. They are certainly setting new standards for innovation, customer interaction and quality.

I was doing something with Pages yesterday and noticed a bug. I sent it a report and within 12 hours I got an email saying the bug is fixed and asked me to try the feature again. This is simply awesome. So when I read that they got funding, I am happy for them. It is a great relief to know that they will stay frugal and responsive.

Here is Mike on why Ploaris funded WordPress:

In sum, if you believe that blogging, personal publishing, and social media are important market trends which will give birth to important new technologies and businesses, which I and Polaris do, then backing the team that created WordPress and Aksimet seems like a great bet.