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  1. django-facebook 3.0.5

    django-facebook 3.0.5

  2. neo4jrestclient 1.4.4

    neo4jrestclient 1.4.4 Object-oriented Python library to interact with Neo4j standalone REST server

  3. django-urlauth 0.1.8

    django-urlauth 0.1.8 Django application for user authentication with key in hypertext link

  4. django-actualities 0.1.0

    django-actualities 0.1.0 A django blog app

  5. uwsgi-manager 0.1.0

    uwsgi-manager 0.1.0 Python tool for controling the uWSGI instances.

  6. Abjad 2.0

    Abjad 2.0 Abjad is a Python API for Formalized Score Control.

  7. django-preferences 0.0.5

    django-preferences 0.0.5 Django app allowing users to set app specific preferences through the admin interface.

  8. dedun 0.2.3

    dedun 0.2.3 Dedun is a Python client for the RESTful API of API.Leipzig. This API gives access to the public data of the city of Leipzig.

  9. pyramid_zcml 0.4

    pyramid_zcml 0.4 Zope Config Markup Language support for Pyramid

  10. MongoLite 1.0

    MongoLite 1.0 Python MongoDB light toolkit

  11. xattr 0.6.2

    xattr 0.6.2 Python wrapper for extended filesystem attributes

  12. django-mediagenerator 1.10.4

    django-mediagenerator 1.10.4 Asset manager for Django

  13. django-dynamic-rules 0.1.5

    django-dynamic-rules 0.1.5 Allows you to create dynamic rules related to a particular model

  14. django-dynamic-manipulation 0.0.1

    django-dynamic-manipulation 0.0.1 Record rule based dynamic manipulations.

  15. pyramid 1.1.2

    pyramid 1.1.2

  16. Sound in the STL (Python)

    Sound in the STL (Python) Python recipe 577843 by Russell Foster (audio, game, sound, stl). I get to use a number of languages and have found Python lacks good sound implementation in it’s STL. Sure you can download a module, but many organisations make it difficult to install add ons, …

  17. Fuzzy Logic Fractal (Python)

    Fuzzy Logic Fractal (Python) Python recipe 577841 by FB36 (chaos, fractal, math, mathematics). This fractal created by converting logic statements into equations using fuzzy logic operators: X: X is as true as Y is true Y: Y is as true as X is false See: Scientific American Magazine, February 1993, …

  18. pygpgme 0.2

    pygpgme 0.2 A Python module for working with OpenPGP messages

  19. django-unfriendly 0.1.2

    django-unfriendly 0.1.2 The unfriendliest urls in town! Django app that obfuscates urls and allows your application to natively execute the original view.

  20. django-sendsms 0.1.1

    django-sendsms 0.1.1 A simple API to send SMS messages.

  21. django-class-based-auth-views 0.1a1

    django-class-based-auth-views 0.1a1 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.

  22. django-dynamic-choices 0.1.8

    django-dynamic-choices 0.1.8 Django admin fk and m2m dynamic choices by providing callback support

  23. Pytomo 1.1.1

    Pytomo 1.1.1 Python tomography tool

  24. django-sync-server

    django-sync-server django-sync-server is a Django reusable application witch implements a Firefox weave server.

  25. requests 0.6.0

    requests 0.6.0 Python HTTP for Humans.

  26. askbot 0.7.19

    askbot 0.7.19 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django

  27. django-debug-toolbar-mongo 0.1

    django-debug-toolbar-mongo 0.1 MongoDB panel for the Django Debug Toolbar

  28. django-fossil 0.8-stable

    django-fossil 0.8-stable Fossil is a library to store fossilized tracks of objects from Django’s ORM

  29. SimpleParse 2.1.1

    SimpleParse 2.1.1 A Parser Generator for Python (w/mxTextTools derivative)

  30. django-bigbrother 0.2.5

    django-bigbrother 0.2.5 Modular Dashboard for Django Projects

  31. django-sentry 1.8.9

    django-sentry 1.8.9 Exception Logging to a Database in Django

  32. django-boundaryservice 0.1.11

    django-boundaryservice 0.1.11 A reusable system for aggregating and providing API access to regional boundary data.

  33. python-googlegeocoder 0.1.1

    python-googlegeocoder 0.1.1 A simple Python wrapper for version three of Google’s geocoder API

  34. Seeking Shape and Cardinality in the 0-Dimensional Web

    Seeking Shape and Cardinality in the 0-Dimensional Web What is the shape of a Website?  How does one determine “shape” from a collection of links and electronic files?  Web designers, search engineers, and marketing consultants use geometric shapes like circles, rectangles, pyramids, and network diagrams to visually depict Website shapes …

  35. pyramid_extdirect 0.3

    pyramid_extdirect 0.3 ExtDirect Implementation for Pyramid

  36. thot 0.9

    thot 0.9 A Python-Powered Static Site Generator

  37. infi.pyutils 0.0.9

    infi.pyutils 0.0.9 Misc. pure-python utilities

  38. django-blog-zinnia 0.8.1

    django-blog-zinnia 0.8.1 A clear and powerfull weblog application powered with Django

  39. django-inplaceedit 0.68

    django-inplaceedit 0.68 Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database

  40. ujson 1.6

    ujson 1.6 Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python

  41. django-staff 0.5.4

    django-staff 0.5.4 A basic addition to auth.User that manages additional staff info

  42. python-novaclient 2.6.1

    python-novaclient 2.6.1 Client library for OpenStack Nova API

  43. django-dynamic-rules 0.1.3

    django-dynamic-rules 0.1.3 Allows you to create dynamic rules related to a particular model

  44. django-dynamic-validation 0.2.0

    django-dynamic-validation 0.2.0 Define user generated validation requirements for django models.

  45. pcaspy 0.2

    pcaspy 0.2 Portable Channel Access Server in Python

  46. pytassium 0.2.4

    pytassium 0.2.4 A Python library for working with APIs

  47. django-beefycachecontrol 0.1

    django-beefycachecontrol 0.1 Beefier Cache-Control HTTP headers created by @never_cache decorator in Django.

  48. python-rqueue 0.4.0

    python-rqueue 0.4.0 Python client for using Redis as a queue

  49. django-crypto 0.2.0

    django-crypto 0.2.0 Simple 2-way crypto functions for use with Django.