Python Infostream Aug 19, 2011


  1. django-inplaceedit 0.69

    django-inplaceedit 0.69 Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database

  2. django-staticfiles 1.1

    django-staticfiles 1.1 A Django app that provides helpers for serving static files.

  3. django-salmonella 0.4.2

    django-salmonella 0.4.2 raw_id_fields widget replacement that handles display of an object’s string value on change and can be overridden via a template.

  4. netCDF4 0.9.7

    netCDF4 0.9.7 python/numpy interface to netCDF library (versions 3 and 4)

  5. psphere 0.5.0

    psphere 0.5.0 vSphere SDK for Python

  6. django-unfriendly 0.2

    django-unfriendly 0.2 The unfriendliest urls in town! Django app that obfuscates urls and allows your application to natively execute the original view.

  7. django-beefycachecontrol 0.2

    django-beefycachecontrol 0.2 Beefier Cache-Control HTTP headers created by @never_cache decorator in Django.

  8. adrest 0.4.4

    adrest 0.4.4 Adrest – another django REST. Simple application for quick build RESTfull API.

  9. django-dynamic-manipulation 0.0.4

    django-dynamic-manipulation 0.0.4 Record rule based dynamic manipulations.

  10. django-pyvows 0.1.0

    django-pyvows 0.1.0 django-pyvows are pyvows extensions to django web framework.

  11. BlazeUtils 0.3.5

    BlazeUtils 0.3.5 A collection of python utility functions and classes.

  12. django-dynamic-validation 0.2.2

    django-dynamic-validation 0.2.2 Define user generated validation requirements for django models.

  13. django-simple-sso 0.3.1

    django-simple-sso 0.3.1 Simple SSO for Django

  14. django-processinfo

    django-processinfo django-processinfo is a Django application to collect information about the running server processes.

  15. pyramid_debugtoolbar 0.5

    pyramid_debugtoolbar 0.5 A package which provides an interactive HTML debugger for Pyramid application development

  16. BIP 0.5.8

    BIP 0.5.8 Bayesian Inference Tools for Python

  17. Linux Systems Administrator – Amazon Cloud/Beanstalk

    Linux Systems Administrator – Amazon Cloud/Beanstalk Linux Systems Administrator – Amazon Cloud/Beanstalk My city based media/publishing client is looking for a Linux Systems Administrator with strong experience with Amazon Cloud/Beanstalk and strong scripting experience with Bash, Shell, Python, Perl. The Linux Engineer must have strong experience with the full LAMP …

  18. obdemo 1.0-beta1

    obdemo 1.0-beta1 Demo website configuration for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)

  19. ebdata 1.0-beta1

    ebdata 1.0-beta1 Data scraper infrastructure for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)

  20. obadmin 1.0-beta1

    obadmin 1.0-beta1 Setup and administrative tools for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)

  21. ebpub 1.0-beta1

    ebpub 1.0-beta1 Core models and views for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)

  22. pants 0.10.1

    pants 0.10.1 A lightweight framework for writing asynchronous network applications in Python.

  23. mailinglogger 3.4.0

    mailinglogger 3.4.0 Enhanced emailing handlers for the python logging package.

  24. django-qrcode 0.1.0

    Django application that provides simple templatetags to generate QR-codes

  25. ete2a1 ete2a1rev401

    A python Environment for Tree Exploration

  26. Webcast: An Introduction to Erlang (for Python programmers) – Sep 22 2011

    Webcast: An Introduction to Erlang (for Python programmers) – Sep 22 2011 Duration: Approximately 60 minutes. Cost: Free Conventional wisdom states that you should learn a new programming language every year. The big question is – of course – which one? There’s just so many of them, isn’t there? Of …

  27. PyDispatch 1.0.1

    PyDispatch 1.0.1 Simple Python message dispatcher

  28. pyramid_formish 0.1

    pyramid_formish 0.1 Formish bindings and helpers for Pyramid web framework

  29. thrift 0.7.0

    thrift 0.7.0 Python bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system

  30. pydss 0.1a

    pydss 0.1a Python Distribution System Simuator

  31. django-dynamic-rules 0.2.0

    django-dynamic-rules 0.2.0 Allows you to create dynamic rules related to a particular model

  32. django-dynamic-validation 0.2.1

    django-dynamic-validation 0.2.1 Define user generated validation requirements for django models.

  33. django-dynamic-manipulation 0.0.3

    django-dynamic-manipulation 0.0.3 Record rule based dynamic manipulations.

  34. PySCeS 0.7.9

    PySCeS 0.7.9 The Python Simulator for Cellular Systems – simulation and analysis tools for modelling biological systems

  35. pyperry 0.1.19

    pyperry 0.1.19 Python library for querying and mapping data through generic interfaces (this is a port of the Ruby “perry” library)

  36. linaro-django-xmlrpc 0.4.2

    linaro-django-xmlrpc 0.4.2 Flexible XML-RPC application for Django

  37. ooredis 1.3

    ooredis 1.3 An redis python lib, see for more information.

  38. itty 0.8.0

    itty 0.8.0 The itty-bitty Python web framework.

  39. ConFoo 2012 in Montreal: Python charmers wanted

    ConFoo 2012 in Montreal: Python charmers wanted ConFoo is a conference on several aspects of the Web held from Feb 29th to March 2nd in MontrĂ©al, the host city of PyCon 2014-2015.Do you have Python solutions for real world problems? Are you the author of a framework? Do you want …