Web Innovation 2007: Keynotes

Jaspreet Bindra, Country Manager India (Wow. I loved his talk.)

India story is going to continue.

Heavy growth in education, entertainment and communications (mobile)

India is not emerging. It has already emerged in mobile space. It is a different kind of story. It is not Korea, not Japan and definitely not China.

Global players will win in services, local players in content.

75 million English speaking people and growing.

For local services, we need to evolve a uniquely Indian model.

Don’t create a Facebook of India. It is already here. Leverage it to build your communities. (We don’t need yet another Social network, we need innovative uses of existing networks for the Indian context)

Bollywood and Cicket are Open Spaces (uniquely Indian). There is also education. These are the three largest content categories. Education is the biggest.

WWW is too big. It is all going to be MyWeb (my relevant subset of the WWW)

Problem of delivery and channel (narrow pipes)’

In India parent will starve to get children educated (so that they can have a better life).

Mohit Hira, Director – Times Internet :

It is not Web 2.0. It is web 2.i (i as in I?)

Can we do another glocalization like matrimony.com?

Think Stormhoek

Naresh Gupta, Managing Director – Adobe – Rich Internet Applications

Web 2.0 is about how to make ideas and information more engaging

Why Content needs to be engaging? ( I agree. See my A Picture is worth a thousand words and an animation is worth a thousand pictures)

  • Too much information
  • Too little time

Web 2.0 is engagement

(Comment: A bit of irony here. I think Naresh missed a great chance to make his presentation engaging. He was talking about Rich Internet Application using a Poor non-internet medium). But he made some good points. Something we don’t normally think about.