LinkLog: The Story of a Product Creation

This is probably one of the best descriptions of a product creation, I have read in a while.  It is the story behind the story (I took the liberty of breaking the final  summary paragraph into three). You can read the full story here  – Facebook Engineers Reveal How New Messages Features Came to Be

“It starts with intuition,” Bosworth said. “It starts with a feeling that there’s an opportunity here. Something has to tell you to look at the data. …

So we have an intuition that’s well informed from just being people who use products, and people who communicate with their friends and think it should be easier.

Then you look at the data, and you see the trends, where they’re going, and that either confirms your suspicions or it doesn’t. And then you look at social design and you say, let’s rethink this. If we were starting from scratch, what would it look like?”

This is the story of the Facebook messaging product. I don’t know how it is going to be. It does not really matter. What appeals me about this story is the courage to think different and take a risk.