Eye-ball Centric Web Apps

Kingsley Idehen in Why we need Linked Data.

The Data Web is about Presence over Eyeballs due to the following realities:

  1. Eyeballs are input devices for a DNA based processing system (Humans). The aforementioned processing system can reason very well, but simply cannot effectively process masses of data or information
  2. Widgets offer little value long term re. the imminent data and information overload dilemma, ditto Web pages (however pretty), and any other Eyeballs-only centric Web Apps
  3. Computers (machines) are equipped with inorganic (non DNA) based processing power, they are equipped to process huge volumes of data and/or information, but they cannot reason
  4. To be effective in the emerging frontier comprised of a Network Computer and a Web OS, we need an effective mechanism that makes best use of the capabilities possessed by humans and machines, by shifting the focus to creation and interaction with points of “Data Web Presence” that openly expose “Structured Linked Data“.

Social Networks are about people, resources, interests, events, relationships and interactions. If you abstract this one level higher, these are all end-points (entities) and relationships (links).