Bloglets: The World has lots of Smart People

Everyday you read a bunch of stuff. I like to keep the links around to share with others. First I used to bookmark them. Then social bookmarks (like came along. So I started putting them up there. It became a habit. Now I book mark things I want to read (tag: readinglist, to:read). Some material is so compelling that I have to read. Like Khalid says, if you think like me, you will like these links. Even if you don’t think like me, you may find something useful.

bloglets are little blog entries with a link and less than one para of text.  Here is one:

Learning shouldn’t hurt. Let’s share the insights that made difficult ideas click from Khalid’s Better Explained.

I guess I think like him – a bit. But I did not when I was his age. Hence the fascination. The world has lots of smart people. Some of them blog. Which is a blessing. It is also an inspiration.