Ideas and Snowflakes

A movement caught my attention. I suddenly looked up from my reading. I could see a few snowflakes falling. I watched with fascination. As I was watching, they started disappearing. It is almost turning into light rain.

What is the life of a snow flake? A few seconds? A few minutes? Where does it end up? Some of them melt up before they ever touch a surface. Some of them land softly among other snowflakes. The early snowflakes melt fast. The later ones stay on a bit.

Ideas are like snowflakes. Some of them vanish before they have time to land somewhere. Some of them turn into concrete action. I wonder how many ideas simply appear and disappear before you can grab them. Ideas, like snowflakes are some times transient.

I am in Chicago for Thanksgiving at our son’s place with the family. Really happy to be here among the loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays.