bloglet: Collaboration to Advance Neuroinformatics

Naren Ramakrishnan, associate professor of computer science, and his students will collaborate with K.P. Unnikrishnan, research scientist at the General Motors Research and Development Center, to create new algorithms that will process the massive amounts of data neuroscientists are now able to collect from the brain. Ramakrishnan and Unnikrishnan will be the co-directors of the laboratory.

Collaboration to advance Neuroinformatics

I was wondering what GM had to do with this subject and started reading the news story. Here is the answer:

Unnikrishnan is a member of GM’s Discovery program, which undertakes basic research on questions that may appear unrelated to the interests of a motor company.

I have recently developed some interest in this space.  So it was nice to read about this effort. Brain machine interactions is certainly the next frontier.