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I got an email from Google today. Browsing around, I found a bunch of things happening that I was not aware of.  OpenSocial and Android have been getting a lot of coverage recently. Here are a bunch of others:

Google Apps

Google Enterprise Solutions Gallery – just a trickle at this point in time

Google Apps Solutions

  • Admin: Admin solutions provide additional options for addressing compliance requirements and integrating Google Apps into existing IT systems.
  • Calendar: Synchronize your Google Calendar with other calendars, offline clients, and mobile devices.
  • Start Page: Start Page Gadgets consolidate relevant information from your organization, including previews of your inbox and calendar and dashboard views of other systems.
  • Migration: Products that assist data migration from existing systems to Google Apps.
  • Small Business Setup Services: Google Apps setup services specifically designed for the needs of small businesses
  • Professional Services: Leverage the expertise of Google Enterprise Professional partners and other third parties to get more out of your Google Apps deployment. Offerings include quickstarts, training, and customization packages.
  • Other Solutions: Products that integrate with one or more applications in Google Apps.
  • Universal Search Solutions – Products that connect and extend Google Search

Is there a market in building, extending, training, supporting Google Apps? Something to think about. How long will it be before the big consulting firms start showing up in these directories with products and services?

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