Do What I Mean Engine

Here is an event, I would not like to miss. The description is appetizing enough. From the ACM Talk email alert:

The “Scribblenet” is a gentle romp through the design and philosophy of walking the line between making it easy enough for people to bother putting data in to a system and still useful enough to make it worth the trouble of getting it out again.

Using the Flick API (commonly known as “Application Programming Interfaces” but perhaps better understood, today, as “Anti Platform Initiatives” or “‘Architecture of Participation’ Interfaces”) and machine tags as examples, the talk will discuss why applications, and developers, should open up and let go as a first step in building computing’s elusive “Do What I Mean” engine.

Aaron works at Flickr doing mobile and geo related hackin…I mean, engineering. Aaron does not normally speak in the third person and by all accounts “there’s flesh under all that RDF-talk.”