OpenAJAX Gets Stronger

Since first formed, OpenAJAX seems to have gained a lot of support (70+ members). One of the most visible recent events, is Microsoft and Google joining the OpenAJAX alliance in addition to a host of other members.

The Alliance, an industry collaboration whose purpose is to develop and expand the use of Ajax, said it now has a membership of 72 companies. In addition to Microsoft, 30 other companies have recently joined. You can see the full list of companies at Open AJAX Alliance website.

The Alliance, only ten months old, has grown from 13 member companies to over 70. Besides Microsoft, other Alliance members include Adobe, BEA, IBM, Mozilla, Laszlo Systems, Novell, Openwave, Opera, Oracle, SAP, and Sun.

It was a good idea to begin with. Hope this alliance moves fast and does not get bogged down with the weight of the participants.

Here are some resources:

Open AJAX Member Wiki

Open AJAX Blog

John Resig РThoughts on OpenAJAX 

I am hoping that now that we have some move towards standardizing the AJAX, we will see the following:

  • A component model for building AJAX components
  • An AJAX based wiki
  • AJAX extensions to popular wikis (like MediaWiki)