How People Learn

This is an interesting subject. As I research more, I will post the resources and add some commentary.

First, a few observations about Learning itself, from How People Learn:

  • Learning occurs in context
  • Learning is active
  • Learning is social
  • Learning is reflective

A really great report about Talent crisis by Deloitte has a excerpt from Lexis-Nexis on how people learn most effectively:

  • 67% When working together with a colleague on a task
  • 22% When doing own research
  • 10% When a colleague explains something personally
  • 2% Through a manual or textbook

This brings up interesting possibilities on setting up Learning Collaboratories:

  • We need to see it with a few mentors whom people can go to
  • We need change the ratio of class room based training to project based training, where people actually produce something
  • We need to design projects in such a way that people are forced to do their own research

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