Quotes: Learning – Like Rolling a Snowball

From David Warlick here.

my mind being what it is, I jumped the rails and thought about flat classrooms, and learning engines. I thought about that snow ball, rolling along in the snow, getting bigger as more snow sticks to it than falls off. Isn’t this what facilitating learning is about? It’s rolling a snow ball in the snow, not rolling a bolder up the hill.

One thought on “Quotes: Learning – Like Rolling a Snowball

  1. When you learn for the joy of learning, then the ball magically rolls uphill.

    I’d hate to roll downhill… you pick up knowledge on the way, like how to steal and launder money, gambling and hookers; and snowballs that roll downhill tend to break apart quickly, and turn into deadly avalanches, destroying all the little snowballs trying to make their way up.

    We want to reach the top of the mountain, but with all the snowballs creeping up, the pinnacle is forever changing, growing higher. Perhaps this is a good thing, until we go too high for our own sake.

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