I Like the New Google Reader

I like the new Google Reader. I have been using it since yesterday. I am still exploring it a bit. But I think it kind of feels cool. I especially like the ability to add new tags to blog entries. The UI feels just right. I like the sharing option. Need to try to put it in my blog.

Here is Scoble on Google Reader.

The documentation on the Reader is a bit spotty. I explored a bit and found that when you click on Share, it goes to the Shared virtual folder. There are two levels of sharing in the Google Reader. One is sharing your blogs with public. Another is sharing with selected people. That is not explained very well in any obvious place I see.

I like the Edit tags option. You can add your tags to blog posts. This creates a new folder in the reader. But what happens later? After this post is read, and disposed of?

I also like the way you can associate certain feeds with multiple folders (I guess the Edit Tags is a short cut to do that).

Anyway, I have switched completely from bloglines and am happy so far.