Don’t Blog, Write On a Wiki Instead

Interesting advice. Need to try it out. Fan mail sounds good. From How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger.

  • Rest easy in the knowledge that it’s perfectly okay and respectable to not have a blog at all.
  • If attention and validation are what you’re looking for, know that you will get neither from blogging. As above, very few people will ever know that your blog (or you, by proxy) exists. The remainder of comments posted to your blog will be sappy treacle, which you won’t trust as being sincere anyway.
  • Consider writing on a wiki instead. Unlike most blogs, wikis like Wikipedia and wikiHow are read by millions of people each month. Several wikiHow authors receive “fan mail” messages every day from appreciative readers. In addition, many authors discover that they enjoy the wiki collaborative writing process more than writing in solitude.