Wiki Text Books

Wiki Text Books is a project from Global Text to bring 1000  free text books to the world.

Free textbooks for everyone—that’s the goal of the Global Text Project, an initiative spearheaded by Rick Watson, a professor in the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Watson’s goal is to produce a library of 1,000 textbooks that will be created with wiki technology and will be made available to students around the world.

Inspiration for the project came from a course Watson taught in 2004. He was unable to find a suitable text for a graduate-level XML course, and so he designed a course where the students wrote a textbook of their own. The project worked well enough that the textbook was used in subsequent classes, and each class made corrections and improvements to the text.

It is nice to see wikis being adopted for such high impact applications. Wikis are some of the simplest and easy to use tools for creating collaborative applications. The really cool aspect of this approach is the ability to keep updating the content and improving it.

There are other similar projects. Wikibooks is one of them.

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