XML and RDF Trends

Edd Dumbill posts Some trends in Core XML and RDF. This is from his analysis submissions for XTech. Notice that the conference theme is Web 2.0 and covers Applications, Browser Technology, Core Technologies and Open Data.

While I am not surprised to find XQuery and XML Databases in the list, RDF Stores is a bit of a surprise. I noticed an increasing interest in RDF. First, I attributed it to my regular visits to PlanetRDF. However, I am finding it in other places too.

I wonder whether we can get an RSS feed of all the submission to these conferences? This will be great way to keep track of trends in this space.

Update: 25th Feb 09

I tried to find the relative job trends of XML and RDF from indeed.com. If you visit the link, you may also want to try both absolute and relative trends.


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