How Do You Choose a Blog Title?

I suddently got a doubt. Am I titling my blogs right? Are there any guidelines on blog titles? So I went to my new favorite search engine and typed “blog titles?”.

I liked what I got. So I am going to list them here with my comments.

Titles that Grab Readers

The entry is simple and to the point. I got what I wanted. I got a lot more when I started reading the comments.

Wiki Titles vs Blog Titles

This was an unexpected bonus. I use a wiki a lot and I normally put the topic keywords as the title. I never seriously thought about blikis (blogs+wikis).

Blog Titles are Ads

This was much closer to what I was looking for. Fairly detailed post with lots of useful information. I will go with the author’s opinion that blogs are your ambassadors. Every blog reveals a bit about you.

Blog Titles should be Song Titles

I could not really resist that one. I think it is cute. I wonder whether this works internationally?

Finally here is my search link. If you find anything interesting, please let me know.

12 thoughts on “How Do You Choose a Blog Title?

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  3. Cool insight.. 🙂
    I have my own story of making a name for blog..
    might want to read it. visit

    Please use the shoutbox so that i’ll know & will return a favor.. thanks!

    1. Thanks. Should have mentioned that it is the “title of a blog post” and not the “blog title”. But I was reacting to a problogger article.

  4. Hi Dorai, after reading your article, I realize that there are so many other methods to get a good blog title. New website owner here and I think this will help me in my future blog post titles. Thanks

    1. Kevan,
      If you planning to seriously blog for your business, you may want to follow a couple of leading lights in this industry. These include Pro Blogger and Copy Blogger. All the best and feel free to post questions here if you need help.

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