Web 2.0 – Will the Momentum Continue?

Yesterday, I attended an event Web 2.0-will the momentum continue 2006 & beyond?, organized by SDForum. The panel had a couple of people from the venture community, two Web 2.0 startups and an industry analyst. The session was lively and very informative. Seth Sternberg shared Meebo’s startup experience and had some good advice for startups.

Charlene Li, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research gave a few trends she sees as important for Web 2.0 to make inroads into the Enterprise.

– Social Bookmarking (inside the organization)
– Blogs ( internal blogs for products, marketing, business)
– Wikis ( internal to the organization on sharing knowledge)
– AJAX based interfaces to various applications

Many of these exist for consumers today. But it should be easy to modify these for corporate use.

Here is a blog with a list of Web 2.0 Applications. Don’t forget to look through the comments which contain many more. Here is a list of Web mashups.