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This blog is such a wonderful source of information. Here are just a few of the posts:

How a beautiful idea becomes a Frankenstein system is a must read for every software developer. Here is a small fragment of a much more comprehensive diagram in this post.


I always thought that we built tools to take boring repetitive parts of the work and automate it. How Tools Frame Programmer’s Mindset makes you reflect a lot more about the tools. What qualities should effective programmer tools have? The author identifies three:

  • Usability – enhance flow of programmer’s ideas or at least don’t impede and interrupt this flow.
  • Representation – enable easy for understanding and modification representation of the structure, ideas and domain concepts in the code.
  • Agile development friendly

From Beginners to master programmers – First Language and More is a problem that faces every training organization. When I started working on Learning Point, this was one of my constant worries. I have seen several threads of discussions on the choice of first language for programming.

This blog post is a good starting point. Hopefully I will have more to contribute after my current experiment with 5 interns for the next six months.

  1. Train clear logical thinking.
  2. Understand modern software concepts and environments.
  3. Learn to effectively implement customer needs.

2 thoughts on “LinkLog: Software

  1. The 3 points you have given is pretty good but the 1st and 3rd point is uncommon and most of the educational institutions wont do. I am very happy that I am going to have all these things

  2. Thanks Vinoth. That is why there are so many companies put you right back in training as soon as you recruit them.

    I have been talking to both NTTF Chennai and Bangalore to revise the syllabus and add some optional courses that impart this knowledge. Even offered to teach them free on weekends. Let us see how it goes.

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