Multiplying the Multipliers

Reading Amund Tveit’s Blog reminded me of Doug’s ABC model of capability improvement.

Amund talks about the importance of software and a few ideas on how to multiply the multipliers.

the only point I want to make is that software is extremely important :). And since software has a multiplicative effect that few other technologies can beat (e.g. 1 persons code can effect a large amount of users in a positive way), making software engineers more productive can have a massive impact on society

Teaching has a multiplier effect. So improving teaching is a one to many activity with huge impact since each teacher comes across many students and have deep influence. Good teachers are great at inspiring people. My love for Math came from my early teachers.

Bloggers are the new teachers. Highly Effective bloggers are thinkers, dreamers and passionate about sharing their ideas. They have a deep multiplier effect too.