Getting New Ideas

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I got this data from an  Idea Receptiveness Survey. The most popular choice is to look outside for new ideas (43%) when facing a difficult problem. Only 12% stated that they would continue to try to come up with ideas themselves. The ‘other’ answers included the following with the first two mentioned several times: · […]

Why IQ Matters?

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I came across this link in It may be interesting to see such stats in different regions in the world. I am not sure where the base data comes from and wonder what we can do to move people from the left to the right.

Improve Where Appropriate

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Improve Where Appropriate, is one of the Rules of Engagement, I like from Orcas blog on the best practices of joining a Development team. Some of the concepts of improvement (using wikis, maintaining a programming journal) have long term rewards, it is more work initially. So to “improve where appropriate”, we may also need to […]