Simple Innovations: No Printer? No Problem!

I got this email as a Rapid Rewards member from Southwest Airlines today. It made me happy.

If you do not use Southwest, some background is in order. There are no seat assignments in Southwest Airlines. You take seats on a first-come-first served, basis. I felt that it was like a bus and never liked it much. Then they changed it a bit. You can check in early (24 hours  from home, on the internet and you will be assigned a boarding group – A, B or C. A group boards first, B next etc.  However, you needed a printer to check in and print your ticket, not very convenient when you are traveling.

No printer? No problem! Wireless Checkin is available at! Simply log on to via your web-enabled mobile device. Next, enter a valid confirmation number and the first and last name of one of the passengers listed in the reservation.

At the airport, visit any E-Ticket Check-In kiosk and reprint your boarding pass. The system will recognize that you’ve already checked in for your flight and will issue your boarding pass in the same boarding group that was indicated on the Checkin Confirmation screen from