Want to Test WikiCalc?

 Dan Bricklin the original inventor of spreadsheets and the author of WikiCalc,  is looking for help in testing WikiCalc 0.96 beta.

I really need help testing this product. I’d really appreciate it if people would test it out soon. I need testing of the functions to make sure the calculated values are correct. I need testing in a server-based environment to see how well the Edit This Page system works, how robust the security is, etc. I’m not looking for changes to the UI to make it “better” or more like Excel, etc. I’m looking to find things that are supposed to work that don’t. Even just using it to recreate something you already have and letting me know if it does or doesn’t work will help. I don’t need you to tell me where the bug is in the code (though that’s always nice) — I just need to know what potential bugs you found.

Here are some interesting features.

  •  WikiCalc can be hosted on your own server unlike Google Spreadsheet which is hosted on Google Servers
  • This product is similar to using a Wiki (collaborative editing)
  • Can be dynamically embedded in other web pages

It is nice to see Wikiness appearing in other applications. If you are interested, here is the announcement. And here is the link to the beta. There is also a page about the architecture of WikiCalc.