Blog Analysis and Learning

There are many types of blogs, but I will look at a small sample of data for some insights.

Today stats is before this blog post got published.

I got curious about which blogs are generating most views. Here is a list of the top 10.

1 Home Page  1,707 
2 Technology in Farming – Robots, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning  611 
3 Contact  394 
4 Discovering Information with a Little Help from Tweet Assistant  311 
5 Data Science – A Few Tweets and Links  128 
6 Applications of ML – Improving Depth detection, Night Sight, Video Play and Notifications  119 
7 Machine Learning – A Few Links and Tweets  115 
8 Too many Models, Tools for AI  104 
9 Tim O’Reilly: It is up to us  102 
10 App Log: IBM Watson, BIg Data and Treatment for Cancer  101 

Technology in Farming was a bit of a surprise. The bigger suprises were home page and Contact Page.

What insights do you get from your blog posts? What can you do with this information?