Can ChatGPT Extract Causes and Effects from Text?

I picked up “The Book of Why” almost 5 years ago. But got to start reading only now. The entire concept of causation and causal inference was new to me. I started engjoying the book. At the end of Chapter-1, I decided to put the idea to test. Can ChatGPT let me analyze cause and effects?

I copy/pasted a fragment of text and put it to text.

The first step in any problem-solving process is to identify the problem clearly and precisely. Data can help you do that by providing evidence, context, and insights into the current situation and the desired state. You can use data from various sources, such as user feedback, analytics, market research, and competitive analysis, to understand the problem from different perspectives and validate your assumptions.
Let’s identify causes and effects in the provided text:
  1. Cause: Lack of a Clear Problem Definition
    • Effect: The need for the first step in the problem-solving process.
  2. Cause: Absence of Evidence, Context, and Insights
    • Effect: The reliance on data to provide evidence, context, and insights.
  3. Cause: Various Perspectives and Assumptions
    • Effect: The recommendation to use data from different sources (user feedback, analytics, market research, and competitive analysis) to understand the problem from various perspectives and validate assumptions.
  4. Cause: Informed Decision Making
    • Effect: The use of data is emphasized as a means to make informed decisions.

In summary, the causes in the text include the lack of a clear problem definition, absence of evidence, context, and insights, and the presence of various perspectives and assumptions. The effects include the recommendation to use data to address these issues and make informed decisions in the problem-solving process.

The causes and responses looked reasonable. But you may know better.

P.S: I only did minor edits but have not touched the causes and effects.