Skill Extractor

I am running a workshop on building microapps for NLP. Here is one of the examples, with practice problems. Copied from an internal wiki. There is more and it will show up in a wiki.

Practice Problems

  • Create a term database (for now, you can use a CSV file or JSON file). Run the skill extractor several times with different data and append the results to the term’ database.
  • Remove noise terms and create a skill noise file. Use it to filter skills extracted.


  • A job description is posted by a potential employer. Not all Job Descriptions are of the same format. For this project, pick one format.
  • A resume is posted by a candidate. Not all resumes are of the same format.
  • Given a job description, extract all the technical skills mentioned in the job description
  • Given a resume, extract all the skills mentioned in the resume


Here is the Python code written by my colleague, Ashish.