From ThoughtWorks: Infrastructure as Code and Other Trends

A fascinating read from Thoughtworks Technology Radar on Development Trends

  • Embracing falling boundaries — Whether you like it or not, boundaries are falling down around you. We choose to embrace this by examining concepts like perimeterless enterprise, development environments in the cloud, and co-location by telepresence.
  • Applying proven practices to areas that somehow missed them — We are not really sure why, but many in our industry have missed ideas like capturing client side JavaScript errors, continuous delivery for mobile, database migrations for NoSQL, and frameworks for CSS.
  • Lightweight options for analytics — Data science and analytics are not just for people with a PhD in the field. We highlight collaborative analytics and data science, where all developers understand the basics and work closely with experts when necessary.
  • Infrastructure as code — Continuous delivery and DevOps have elevated our thinking about infrastructure. The implications of thinking about infrastructure as code and the need for new tools are still evolving.

ThoughtWorks also provides suggestions on how to handle these trends – Adopt, Trial, Assess, Hold.

The 13 page free pdf is full of valuable insights and links.

Source: TopicMinder Alerts