Internet of Things – A Few Links

Ti enables Ineternet of Things (popularly known as IOT). Here is a white paper on the Evolution of Internet of Things from TI.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly growing with the expectation of 50 billion connected devices by 2020 to provide smart, invisible technology that works for you based on your preferences. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of embedded wireless connectivity technologies, microcontrollers, processors and analog solutions, Texas Instruments offers many cloud-ready system solutions for the IoT. From high performance home, industrial and automotive applications to battery-powered or energy harvested wireless sensor nodes; TI makes developing applications easier with hardware, software, tools and support to get anything connected within the IoT.”

Monetizing M2M (Machine to Machine) aka IOT.

“There is a burst of creative ideas emerging in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space or what has become more affectionately known as the Internet-of-things world. With so many opportunities around the globe to connect devices and assets, many companies are starting to stake out claims in the M2M space”

The Internet of Things is here.

Drew Turney of WA Today recently wrote, “Today your smartphone knows your location, so everything from the local weather to nearby Facebook friends is available. What about tomorrow when your jacket can measure your vital signs or a hat can extrapolate your mood from your brain activity? Connect it with information on your schedule (from your calendar), spatial information such as whether you’re running or at rest, the time of day and a hundred other factors, and machines everywhere can decide on, find and present the information they think you need.”

IOT is moving from Industry to Consumers – Sooner than you think.

Devices connected to the internet — everything from coffee makers to toys — are going to become awidespread consumer phenomenon sooner than you expect, even though Europeans and Americans for now regard the technology in different ways.

Until now, smart machines connected to the internet have largely been the province of industry and governments. In the view of two executives, however, such devices will soon become ubiquitous at a consumer level, and everything from coffee machines to toys will have at least a brief life on the internet.

What is this Internet of Things? What jobs will it create? What jobs will it destroy? What is the impact on your life or career? Is it good or bad? Do we lose more control as human beings and become hopelessly dependent?

These are a few of the fascinating questions. I know you probably have even more. It will be exciting to watch the developments, adoption rate and the accelerating change this technology and applications will bring into our lives.