We are Greedy. We Want More.

Julia is a new language for data analysis. From four of the origianl developers – f Jeff BezansonStefan KarpinskiViral Shah, and Alan Edelman on why they invented Julia.

We are power Matlab users. Some of us are Lisp hackers. Some are Pythonistas, others Rubyists, still others Perl hackers. There are those of us who used Mathematica before we could grow facial hair. There are those who still can’t grow facial hair. We’ve generated more R plots than any sane person should. C is our desert island programming language.

We love all of these languages; they are wonderful and powerful. For the work we do — scientific computing, machine learning, data mining, large-scale linear algebra, distributed and parallel computing — each one is perfect for some aspects of the work and terrible for others. Each one is a trade-off.

We are greedy: we want more.

That is a bit of good kind of greed which makes you build stuff because you want more and benefit an entire community in the process.

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