Trends: Kids Tend to Read Digital More

From Report: Kids Tend to Read Digital More Than Print By

A recent report by the National Literacy Trust in the United Kingdom surveyed 35,000 kids, whose ages ranged from 8-16. It stated that 39% of children and young people read on electronic

devices every day, whereas only 28% read printed materials

daily. The number of children reading ebooks has doubled in the last two years from 6% to 12%.

If this trend continues, imagine the impact on:

  • Design of Books
  • Material for books
  • Delivery options from owning to loaning
  • Interaction design with books not just by readers (see what Kindoma is doing)
  • Book distribution
  • Libraries (virtual libraries, personal libraries)

3 thoughts on “Trends: Kids Tend to Read Digital More

  1. Iam actually doing a small study on the possibility of schools going for digital text books to reduced the burden on the kids

    1. Cool. Want to share with us the goals? We (me + some college students from KCG) experimented with a couple of schools (both elementary and middle) to understand what interests kids. Let me know whether we can help you with what you are doing (if it is some kind of a social project).

      1. I work with kids to give them reading skills by using drills that are disguised as games. Now the entire intervention is done through computers. We follow up this intervention with Reading programs that are again Computer based. Logically it makes sense to get the kids to start reading digital content.

        The company I work for is funded by ABAN group. However our revenue model is not short term (by selling the software or intervention programs) we have pegged it long term .. we want to gather data on the cognitive profile of the digital generation and share it with the education ministry and assist them in the delivery process. That is likely take 3-5 years. We are just off the block and working with 1750 school kids and around 52 first year engg college students.

        Any information or knowledge or help pertaining to this will be of immense help

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