TiECon – Why Every Meet is a Treat

There are lots of reasons to go to conferences – to learn, to network, to connect and immerse yourself. Here are some of my thoughts on why I enjoy TiECon so much.

  1. Energy – Entrepreneurs are energetic souls and kindred spirits. Every one is trying hard to make a difference in their own way.
  2. Knowledge – No single conference I know provides so much for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.
  3. Inspiration – Two of my favorites this year – Ronnie Screwvala and Chris Anderson.
  4. Conversations – TiECon fosters amazing conversations. Some are casual and some are pretty intense.
  5. Community- Each one of us here is traveling a different path but we have so much in common and a strong sense of Community.

As we were walking out after Chris Anderson’s keynote, Raman Govindarajan (a fellow charter member from TiEChennai) commented “TiECon Silicon Valley is really something”. I agree.