Internet of Things – Hydra Project

Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the emerging technology trends. Some indications of useful applications of IOT are given by the Hydra project team.

With Hydra, all manner of devices such as electricity meters, TV sets, refrigerators, stereos as well as heating and lighting systems, can be networked without having to know what goes on inside them.Existing devices can be adapted to work with Hydra. “We are delivering a device  development kit where you could integrate the middleware into the devices,” Eisenhauer says, “but you can make use of it with existing devices and Hydra-enable them as long as they have a certain computing power.”

Another major application is expected to be in healthcare, especially the monitoring of patients in their own homes. The partners have set up a demo using networked sensors measuring body weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and oxygen saturation. A muscle sensor gives warning of an epileptic fit.

“So we have different kinds of technologies – ZigBee, Bluetooth and others – all covered by our network manager within Hydra,” says Eisenhauer. “And then just to show that we can also use off-the-shelf devices we have used a Wii balance board as a weight scale and have connected it to our Playstation 3.”

This article describes many areas including Agriculture which can benefit from this initiative. Hydra opens up several possibilities, especially for innovative social applications, a ripe area for student projects. You can get more information on such exciting projects from ICT Results.

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