Product Conclave: Why You Should Attend Unconference Sessions?

Why you should attend the Unconference sessions at Nasscom Product Conclave

Unconference? What is that? And why should you attend?Everyone knows what a conference session is:

  • A conference session has a pre-decided agenda, with pre-decided speakers
  • Sessions are typically one-to-many between the speaker and the audience
  • Interaction is only for a few minutes of Q&A at the end

Often times, an interesting session can leave you with more questions regarding the execution of the concepts. For example, the speaker might talk about key concepts in marketing for a venture funded US startup. But if you are a bootstrapped Indian startup, then what modifications should you do to apply these ideas in your company? And what are other companies like yours doing?

That is where an unconference session comes in. In an unconference session:

  • YOU choose the topics. The attendees vote on topics that they are interested in, and we select the top voted topics
  • Sessions are discussion oriented. Everyone participates and there are no silent observers
  • Sessions are based on peer-to-peer learning. You learn from the other attendees, who are all product companies like you
The Product Conclave will have four unconference sessions, and YOU can shape the agenda.

What would you like to discuss at these sessions?

This is the process by which you can participate:

  1. Take a look at all the questions posed in this Google Moderator
  2. Please look through over 20 questions. If you find a topic you like, please vote for it.
  3. If you do not see a topic you like, you are free to create one and describe it a bit so that others can understand it.
  4. We will allow people to vote till 6th of Nov (one day before the Product Conclave starts)
  5. On 7th morning, we will pick the top 3 (most voted topics) and assign one session for each
  6. If your topic comes up, be prepared to be co-moderator. Your job is not that complex. You ask some seed questions to get the discussion started and share what you know.
  7.  Typically we expect 20-25 people for each discussion. Every one should get a chance to speak and ask questions. There will be no formal presentations. Just a brief introduction.

We really look forward to seeing you in these sessions. Learning from peers in your industry is a lot of fun and if you have not done this before, you are sure to enjoy it.



Syndicated from ¬†Sid’s blog. We both wrote portions of it.